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My New Reality

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

My New Reality was I am a Single Mother. I have had to fight to get child support started. We are going to be OK. There were many times during these formative years. Yes, the early years are formative for my daughter and I. Some single parents had previous training meaning they may have been raised in a single parents household and thus they achieved a learning curve.

My own parents offered me a strong piece of advice. If there is something you need and it doesn't exist, than create it. Society of Single Parents was birthed from this conversation. I desperately needed a support network. I felt I had lost some of my own personal value when I became a single parent. After all, it was literally like she and I against the world. I pondered on exactly what that organization should look like. I wasn't alone anymore. I was building, we were building. I had left Atlanta, GA and moved to Greensboro, NC and I was now unemployed, but very motivated. I met a group of women who were equally as motivating. We begin planning programs immediately. We had "Dating and the Single Parent", We had the Child Support Network, we had clothing exchanges, and sometimes we just had good conversation. I kept the minutes from all of our meetings. We incorporated in Greensboro, NC and I was the only Incorporator. I shifted gears and decided to move back to Atlanta, GA and things took a rocky turn. The Atlanta Chapter was not building although there was an interest. We were up to 300 on our email list. I was encouraged but life was happening again so fast. My daughter was growing and we needed stability in our life. It was taking so much time and effort and Society of Single Parents was not generating income. I decided to stop and remained focus on creating a life for my daughter and I. Each year still praying to find a way to grow the organization.

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