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My favorite poem has always been "If" by Rudyard Kipling. This poem resonated to my soul before I ever became a Mom. I think I clung to the guidance of this poem because of the truth that I felt I would later find in my own life. I had no idea that it was to carry so much significance. I still remember in English class at Dudley High School....Ms. Kerr made us remember this poem line for line....after which I could never forget it.

The time spent fighting for child support were the hardest times for me as a single parent. Yes, it took over a year to get things started. There was so much misguided feelings from he and I expressed and it was so negative and draining. Simone and her Father did not start a real relationship until she was 10 years old because of this. That was such wasted Energy and the affect was a child lonely wanting a connection to both parents. This is the most embarrassing part of my history as a single parent.

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