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A Change is Gonna Come

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The power of Faith, Family, and Friends. My oldest daughter was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Looking into her eyes that first day. I wanted so desperately to be ready. Ready to be a mother, ready to lead and guide her, ready to be transformed.

I grew up priviledged for a Black American. I never knew if my parents were struggling. We lived in a beautiful neighborhood, a beautiful house. My left next door neighbor was a Doctor and Nurse, on my right was the Mom of the highest paid attorney in Greensboro. Across the street from us was the High School Principal who was so excellent that the school stadium was named after him. We, the McGregor's were like the black sheep in the neighborhood. This New Jersey bred family with connections to the Nation of Islam. Oh to be Black, and Muslim in the south was not popular during my school matriculation years.

Skipping back ahead, I say that to again stress the importance of this child never feeling that she was less because although her Journey to this Earth was one filled with chaos and confusion..... God had his reasons and I now was on my Journey to find it.

God begin by positioning a support network around me. My younger brother Allan moved to Atlanta to be my rock, strength and Co-parent. Those early days further confirmed why my brother is the Most GENUINE, HONEST, COMPASSIONATE, and EVERYTHING GOOD in a MAN that I know.

Allan and I had always been close but when he moved to Atlanta, he filled that emptiness. Throughout my pregnancy he was there, during labor he held my hand he was my lamaze partner. He made a commitment to his niece that he has never broken. Allan took on his journey, and transitioned it into mine. I would not have made it without him. He filled my heart with Faith, he was Family, and We are also close Friends.

My oldest daughter was born on the birthday of Malcolm X; May 19, 2001. An interesting fact since my family had close connections to him in the late 60's and early 70's. God has a way of always tying us to our roots, no matter how hard we try to drift away. Her original birth was to be June 6th, so she was early but right on time.

I was 26 years old and a mother, scared but hopeful that a Positive Change was to come.

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