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Becoming a Woman and Troubling Decisions

Telling the truth about your past,is never easy especially when you can clearly see that there were so many mistakes along the way. However, when you become a mother before you are truly a woman... there will be many mistakes. I now know I am not the only one confused. The definition of a woman is so abstractly defined in the dictionary that a young girl could easily think that just because she has had her cycle and can bear children.... she is a woman. What is missing from the definition is what is most important. How do you become a mother before you are truly a woman. What most of us seek in our lives is to be a "Virtuous Woman."

A woman who understands the importance of involving God in all her decisions. A woman who knows that you are truly successful when you trust in your own decisions.

Remember reflectively I shared that there is so much more to my story. I wasn't ready to be a mother so I struggled with a moral decision. Do I have this baby and become the opposite of how I perceived myself? At the time I knew that because of my upbringing, I didn't feel my parents or anyone would accept this. Sure I remain confirmed that I was a shy awkward young woman but that was only socially. Professionally I was outspoken, and people regarded me as a leader. In college I was elected as Freshmen class president. My sophomore year I was the only sophomore selected to pledge Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority at Fayetteville State University. I went on to become President of my sorority. However again, I remain firm that my social interactions with guys was so undeveloped.

Skipping ahead again.... so here I was living in Atlanta, GA alone. My parents and family tucked away in Greensboro, NC. I was 8 weeks pregnant and seriously considering an abortion.

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